“I appreciate how you all had adapted each time something was changed or someone else had dropped the ball and you are all more than willing to clean up the mess. Every crew that has been in my building has been courteous, well-mannered, and have gone above what I honestly expected to get. So you and your brother have done a great job associating yourselves with quality people, and it shows in your work. I realize this is a business remodel and not a custom detailed home, but the product is proving to be better than advertised.”

Michael Holt, Warren Caterpillar

“It is not often that you meet people and just know they are “good folks.” Then you have the opportunity to work with them and find they are good, honest people that give more than 100%. I appreciate so very much what a fine job you did on my house, you were considerate and caring of my house, you always left everything looking clean and neat. You even took out MY trash!! You listened to what I wanted and helped me make decisions that positively impacted the remodeling. Thank you for all you did including the extra tasks that really helped me. If you need a reference, I would be delighted and honored to provide one. I consider myself lucky to have discovered people as honest and forthright as you are.”

Gerrie Miller